Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smart Parts ION

I love my Smart Part ION. I play a lot of speedball with guys who I think are much better than me. My Smart Parts ION and I will keep up with them NO PROBLEM! I feel like this gun has given me the confidence to play on a field with just about anyone, no matter how good they are. I know my Smart Parts ION will help me win every game. I think I will keep my ION for as long as I play paintball. I know that the gun will grow with me for many years with all the amazing upgrades they offer for the Smart Parts ION. I have done a few upgrades mentioned below and now I am at the top of my game and will continue to play and beat the best!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smart Parts ION Video!

This is a walk through video all about the best upgrades for you Smart Parts ION or ION XE. This Smart Parts ION video will give you plenty of wonderful ideas for on upgrading your Smart Parts ION or ION XE.

Smart Parts ION Barrel Upgrade

In my opinion one of the best upgrades for your Smart Parts ION would be a Smart Parts ION barrel upgrade. There are many barrel upgrades on the market in all colors, bore sizes, one piece and two piece. I would highly recommend a CP Custom Products Barrel upgrade or a Deathstix Carbon Fiber Barrel upgrade. I have personally had the best luck with these barrels. Very accurate and very light weight. They come in all colors either to make your marker pop with a new color or keep it sleek and black. Both barrel upgrades are easily compatible with the Smart Parts ION. The barrel or barrel backs will need to be ION/Impulse/or NXT threaded to fit the Smart Parts ION. If your looking for one of the best investment in your Smart Parts ION, doing a barrel upgrade would be your best choice. It will up your game in every aspect.

Smart Parts ION Trigger

A great upgrade for your Smart Parts ION is a new ION Trigger. ION Triggers are made in many colors and trigger styles; rake roller, sling, roller, saw magnetic roller, and SL. Any of these Smart Parts ION triggers will let you walk the trigger easier and help give you the best rates of fire possible. Upgrading to a new ION trigger is a great idea for any style of play. This upgrade will help boost your game altogether.

Smart Parts ION Grips

Smart Parts ION Grips are a very nice upgrade to your Smart Parts ION. They come in many styles, colors and brands. Adding ION grips to your ION will give you comfort and a new look. They also make Stinger Custom Design ION Grips for the your Smart Parts ION. They come in all colors, designs, flags, anything you can think of, they make it. New Smart Parts ION Grips will up your style points out on the field and with your friends.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smart Parts ION Bolt

One of the best upgrades out there for you Smart Parts ION would be a brand new bolt. There are many brands available for a Smart Parts ION Bolt upgrade. Such as: Shocktect, Bob Long, TechT, and Smart Parts themselves. Anyone of these Smart Parts ION Bolt upgrades would be a great choice to bring your ION to the next level. Giving your ION a bolt upgrade will help reduce kick, for a smoother shot and better accuracy. A new Smart Parts ION Bolt will also give you better air efficiency. So, more shots per fill. And last but not least, a new bolt for your ION will give you a stronger, more consistent chrono. All in all, a new bolt for your Smart Parts ION is going to bring you and your game to the next step in the world of paintball.

Friday, July 10, 2009

ION Body Kit

Many guns once you buy them you are stuck with that color until you purchase your next one. Not the Smart Parts ION. The ION allows you to change the color and entire styling of your gun with one simple body kit change. An ION body kit will run you anywhere from $20-$30 which is MUCH better than having to buy a new gun when you get sick of the color! There are several different ION body kit colors available and are made by many companies. You can get anywhere from stars, stripes, to a simple color change with the same body style. Changing your ION body kit is a simple task, only a few screws small disassemble and BOOM... Practically a brand new gun!