Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smart Parts ION XE Paintball Marker

The Smart Parts ION XE is the embodiment of affordable firepower. Ion changed the paintball paradigm by being the first marker to deliver true electropneumatic performance in the casual paintball player's price range. With multiple firing modes, an aggressive rate of fire, and break beam Vision anti-chop system, the Smart Parts Ion XE continues the Ion tradition of tournament level performance at a low price.
The ION XE is only available in 1 color, black. But there are color body kits available in 9 other colors: Rally White, Tactical Green, Punk Pink, Lava Orange, Yellow, Titanium Silver, Freak Green, Razor Blue, and Red.

Smart Parts ION Paintball Marker

The Smart Parts Ion was built to be the marker for anyone who loves the game: simple to maintain, easy to use, designed for winning. It takes abuse like a rental gun, but throws paint with the best of them. You'll get the accuracy, range and rate of fire the Pro's enjoy for just a little more money than an entry level marker. The days of having to spend tons of cash to get what you want are over. The Smart Parts ION comes in several colors to please ANYONES taste.
You have 10 color options: Black, Carolina Blue, Freak Green, Metallic Gold, Punk Pink, Razor Blue, Speed Yellow, Tactical Green, Titanium Silver, and Velocity Red. And if you ever get sick of the color you bought you can always change it to a new body color. A first for paintball. High-quality aluminum internals are protected by composite shells, allowing you to instantly change the color or look of your body.