Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smart Parts ION Bolt

One of the best upgrades out there for you Smart Parts ION would be a brand new bolt. There are many brands available for a Smart Parts ION Bolt upgrade. Such as: Shocktect, Bob Long, TechT, and Smart Parts themselves. Anyone of these Smart Parts ION Bolt upgrades would be a great choice to bring your ION to the next level. Giving your ION a bolt upgrade will help reduce kick, for a smoother shot and better accuracy. A new Smart Parts ION Bolt will also give you better air efficiency. So, more shots per fill. And last but not least, a new bolt for your ION will give you a stronger, more consistent chrono. All in all, a new bolt for your Smart Parts ION is going to bring you and your game to the next step in the world of paintball.